About Lambda Delta Phi

Lambda Delta Phi is a Greek sorority located on the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota. Currently, we have thirty initiated members who all strive to promote our aims and ideals in their daily lives. Our Chapter House is commonly known as the “House with the Blue Door” around campus and is home to 25 members throughout the school year. Not only is our house a great place for members to live, but it also serves as our home base for all of our events throughout the year and as a place that brings all of our members together. On any given day, you can find members studying, cooking, and watching Netflix together, even those who do not live in the house stop by often just to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.

Academics: As a chapter, Lambda Delta Phi encourages sisters’ academics through hosting biweekly Sisterhood Study Jams, highlighting academic successes, and other academic-centered events. 

Philanthropy: Lambda Delta Phi promotes philanthropic efforts and social service. Each member completes at least ten hours of service work each semester and helps to run the two philanthropy events each year. In the fall, LDPhi hosts “Grilled Cheese with LDPs” which benefited hurricane relief in 2017. 

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