Beth Williams

Major- Marketing

Hometown- West Bend, WI

Year- Senior

Fun Fact- I’ve been to 49 out of 50 US states (and will be visiting Hawaii over Spring Break to reach my 50th state!)

Favorite part of LDP- My favorite part of LDP is having a constant network of support. College has been very stressful, but I know I can get through it with the support and kindness of my sisters.

Alana Gates

Major- Animal Science

Hometown- Chanhassen, MN

Year- Freshman

Fun Fact- I played hockey for five years.

Favorite part of LDP- I love being able to be my clumsy, weird self with girls who are the same way. Being surrounded by girls who share similar morals and interests has been so fun!


Rachel Priddy

Major- Sociology of Law, Crime, and Deviance

Hometown- Cedarburg, WI

Year- Sophomore

Fun Fact- My favorite ice cream is Pirates Bounty from Cedar Crest Ice Cream!

Favorite part of LDP- My favorite part about LDP is having a group of girls that support me and are always willing to support me regarding academics, my career, or just everyday support from a sister!

Kaiya Novacek

Major- Agricultural Education

Hometown- Greenbush, MN

Year- Sophomore

Fun Fact- I studied abroad in New Zealand for 5 months my senior year of high school.

Favorite part of LDP- Home away from home!

Nicole Kleman

Major- Bio-mathematics: Genomics

Hometown- Wausau, WI

Year- Sophomore

Fun Fact- I published a book, it has it’s own ISBN number and everything :).

Favorite part of LDP- My favorite part of LDP is the community and relationships I have with my sisters. I always feel welcome whenever I go to the LDP house, knowing that I will run into a sister and be able to talk about my day or ask about theirs. I love the community and how every girls brings something to the sorority, with all our different majors and personalities, I am always learning something new!